Panorama & Poetry on Parsons

Poets and musicians grace the stage to present their works. The audience watch as student musician Andrew Ortiz—a sophomore from Queens College, captivates the crowd with an unnamed song. When the song is over the audience gives it a name. His song is now to be called the “Good Old Days.” Ortiz is delighted to express himself in Panorama for the first time, stating, “It was a great feeling, I’m definitely coming back again.”

Panorama or “Beauty All Around” is more than just a coffee shop. Established in the heart of Jamaica, New York, it attracts diverse customers from all ethnic backgrounds. “Panorama is a place where people of any belief can come and enjoy themselves in a peaceful environment,” says Panorama owner Ketan Goldman.

Right on 84-73 Parsons Blvd, it is convenient for any student or faculty member looking for a place to enjoy homemade pastries, creamy coffees, organic teas and charming vegetarian selections while conversing with friends over thought-provoking poetry and music; or expressing his or her own original words and musicalnotes. If any of the above seems appealing, then the Panorama Coffee Shop is an ideal place for those looking to get away from mundane routines. The menu is equipped with salads, sandwiches—Italian and Mexican wraps—Gelato shakes and ice creams, all at a reasonable price. A popular at Panorama is the Cookie Monster Gelato Shake, which is mixed with luscious chocolate cookies and vanilla, for only $4.50!

Goldman founded the coffee shop 5 years ago in 2007. He set out to spread peace through the shop and was inspired to do so by the teachings of Sri Chimney, a man who dedicated his life to peace and goodwill.

This inspiration is reflected in the hospitality of the shop’s workers. The staff greet customers with ear-to-ear smiles and ask if they want to perform. Some are excited to do so, while others are there simply to listen. The walls are colorfully vibrant, illuminating Panoramas’ tranquil atmosphere; couches and chairs are as comfortable as a living room sofa, making one feel as if it were there own home. The sweet smells of homemade dishes coming from the kitchen are redolent of grandma’s homemade cooking.

The Panorama Coffee Shop is highly recommended for anyone looking for a place to have a good time, while escaping the chaos of work, or exams.

panorama of my silence heart


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