Guns Make People Go Wild

In response to President Obama’s 23 executive orders on gun control:

This sheds a bright light on the gun problem we have here in America. I agree that stricter gun control will result in a reduction in gun deaths, largely because what one sees is what one will use. If a person is not exposed to so much guns and gun violence, then it will not be readily available for him to use guns in order to solve problems. Having guns around so loosely not only shows that we accept gun violence, but that it is a direct means to solve problems, and to promote fear and coercion. Imagine the amount of fear a man can impose on another man if he has a gun in his hand?

When this happens, the vulnerable man is left to react in one of three ways. One, he may go and get a bigger gun to hurt the man who caused his vulnerability–thus beginning the first steps of a violent, bloody war. Two, he may do nothing. Or three, he may petition the government for his grievances, and take part in non-violent direct action. The question here is: which world do we want to live in? One of constant death, one of apathy, or one where peace allows people to pursue happiness?

Which one of these puts the value of the human being in America high?

Sandy hook was not an image of a man, but of a gun. Men without guns don’t shoot. Guns make people go wild. I would venture to say that it is actually the gun that kills people and not the human, because the gun represents violence. I never knew a gun to represent defense or happiness. A shield may represent defense, and love may represent happiness, but never a gun. It is a basic cliche for one to say that, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” If there is no gun–no symbol of violence–the amount of deaths will be reduced. Besides, most men are not evil enough to kill without the use of some empowering weapon, and would testify to not murdering unless there was a gun or weapon accessible.

Preventing this massive form of violence is necessary to restore peace, because when there are less guns, there is more chance for peace.handgun


2 thoughts on “Guns Make People Go Wild

  1. You brought up some pretty good points here. But, historically speaking, when government steps in to band something, you are just creating a black market for it. Through the prohibition laws, criminals such as Al Capone was able to amass an empire in wealth. I’m not saying guns and alcohol are equal, but statistically speaking, and this is a FACT, more people die from drunk-driving rather then firearm violence. We tried banning alcohol, we know where that got us. Guns are a means to kill people, but the real murderer is the person.

    A wise man once said, “To truly take over a people, you must disarm them first”

    People will murder regardless if they have a gun or not.

    • Sure people will kill, but will there not be less deaths?

      These are not bands on guns. These are heavier restrictions on guns. And a gun is not alcohol. These are two different issues, and arguing the two would be an argument that leads to no results on gun violence. It’s just good for show. But if you want to talk statistics, then statistics also show that auto deaths have been reduced by stricter measures on safe driving, which have resulted in a decline in vehicle fatalities this year (Kristof).

      History goes a lot farther than prohibition when it comes to violence and black markets. Restrictions on products, believe it or not, restrict products. Black markets will be there, but there will be reductions in violence if the product is not readily accessible, and if there is a higher risk for illegal purchases of the product. Less guns = less violence.

      Your quote is cute, and it proves that this dominant mentality can be used by a gun wielder against those who are unarmed. Such as Sandy Hook, or the Colorado movie theater shooting. I don’t see government trying to take control of the people in these examples.

      Theories are nice, but at some point you have to deal with reality.

      History shows that humans kill, and it also shows that it is harder to kill a mass group of people with your hands and feet alone, than if those limbs had weapons.

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