Christmas 2012

Today is Christmas! The Christmas tree is up, the family has come over for the holiday, the eggnog is ready to go, and of course, it’s time to relax.  I’ve vowed to share some thoughts on this blog, so here I go with something I think is necessary to talk about. Tragedy. This Christmas doesn’t quite feel as jolly as it used to. A large part of this is due to all of the tragic events that have occurred lately. Beginning with the burdensome unemployment rate, then the Colorado shooting on July 20th, which left 12 people dead and over 50 injured, then Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed people’s homes and took a few lives along the way, and now the Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults. People are displaced and America is hurting. How can so much devastation happen in so little time?  No jobs, no homes, innocent lives taken; the Christmas spirit just isn’t there.  Usually the houses around my neighborhood  are all lit up, but as I passed by on the way to do Christmas shopping, I was surprised to see just one.

Though these are hard times, we must all remember that there is no obstacle we cannot overcome, together.  If today does anything for us, it should do just that, keep us together. Families, friends, acquaintances, please come together and share in each other’s company. Be strong, and keep the Christmas spirit alive. Unity and faith overcomes grief, and America needs a lot more of both.

Be strong and blessed,


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